Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sitecore 5.3.1 - Config changes

Since there are -quite a lot more- changes from 5.3.0 to 5.3.1 than the actual release notes says, i thought i'd put together a list of what has happened in the web.config and commands.config files. All together the changes are very nice and there's a lot of new additions regarding various media parts. Commands.Config changes:
  • clipboard:copyidtoclipboard command added
  • clipboard:copypathtoclipboard command added
  • webedit:edit command added
  • webedit:save command added

Web.Config changes:

  • forceDownload option added to the MimeTypes sections
  • 2 new customHandlers: "~/rest/" for sitecore_rest.ashx "~/icon/" for sitecore_icon.ashx
  • Hook for MemoryMonitorHook has the following added: <ClearCaches>true</ClearCaches> <GarbageCollect>true</GarbageCollect> <AdjustLoadFactor>true</AdjustLoadFactor>
  • Agent added to clean up publishing queue: Sitecore.Tasks.CleanupPublishQueue
  • renderLayout pipeline has the following processors added: InsertPlaceholders CreateDynamicChildControls BuildPage
  • uiUpload pipeline has the following processor added: CheckSize
  • <sites> configuration has an additional masterDatabase param that defines the database containing the data to be shown in preview and web edit modes.
  • AutomaticDataBind setting changed from "true" to "false"
  • Caching.DefaultClientDataCacheSize setting added
  • EnableXslDocumentFunction setting added
  • Login.SitecoreUrl setting added
  • MaxItemNameLength setting added
  • Media.BaseFolder setting added
  • Media.IncludeExtensionsInItemNames setting added
  • Media.InterpolationMode setting added
  • Media.MaxSizeInDatabase setting added
  • Media.MaxSizeInMemory setting added
  • Media.UploadAsFiles setting added
  • Media.UploadAsVersionableByDefault setting added
  • Media.UseLegacyResizing setting added
  • Media.UseResourceAssembly setting added
  • Media.WhitespaceReplacement setting added
  • Tasks.EmailReminderSubject setting added
  • Tasks.EmailReminderText setting added
  • Templates.DefaultTemplateEditor setting removed
  • UI.CalendarTimeOfDay setting added
  • Upload.UserSelectableDestination setting added
  • UnlockAfterCopy setting added
  • VersionFilePath setting added
  • "sc" tagPrefix added to the <controls> section of <pages>
  • 3 new httpHandlers added: sitecore_rest.ashx sitecore_xaml.ashx sitecore_icon.ashx
  • System, System.Web, System.Configuration, System.Drawing, System.Xml, System.Data, System.Web.Services, System.DirectoryServices, System.DirectoryServices.Protocols, System.EnterpriseServices, System.Design, System.ServiceProcess, System.Windows.Forms, System.Web.RegularExpressions added to the compilation <assemblies>
  • and last but not least - the MimeTypes.config file is now included in the App_Config folder

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