Monday, June 11, 2007

Learning by doing

so.. it's sunday past midnight and i can't sleep at all - the heat is killing me (not that i'm complaining, i really like temperatures a lot above 0 than below). well, i thought i'd go give the Sitecore Intranet Portal a run for it's money and see what score i'd give it. so, after downloading it, installing it (with it's own installer - always a nice thing) and then - finally - logging in to it to see it in action.. to see 'Required license missing'! bah! i probably would've known that if i had taken a second or two to think about it before installing it, but this is the first time i've ever seen it happen when it's not caused by the fact that the license hasn't expired.. but hey - at least the installer ran smooth and neat and all that.. oh well, at least the weather is great. now i'll go try some other ideas i've been thinking about for 5.3 and leave the Intranet Portal for another day. lessons learned: #1: it installs great and easy and also has a lot of extra 'goodies' #2: make sure your license covers what you're about to install and finally: congratulations to Sitecore for being awarded the Leadership award for Web Content Management for Small Enterprises by Info-Tech Research! update: well, it's exactly like it should be: the license i use needs to be updated. it's as simple as that. so, for now i'll leave the Intranet Portal alone until i have a license compatible with it. (which, i hope, isn't gonna be too far in the future) take care, P.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The big question finally answered?

well, maybe not.. but, i really like Allan Thr├Žns blog - clever, fun & really interesting posts. now he's written a 'Meaning of Life' quote generator that i could sit and watch all day.. check it out here. the full context of it is wicked, and he does a lot better job at explaining it than i could ever try to, so i'll just go with 'it rocks' and let you decide for yourself :) Here's one of my all-time-fav's so far: 'Any intelligent fool can enjoy life' P.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sitecore Small Business Starter Kit Update

The starter kit i blogged about earlier has gotten a fast overhaul and now has it's first update made available. for more info i suggest you read this post by Kerry Bellerose. P.