Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Codename 'DiscMaster'

I get one specific question a lot: what would you develop on your own time if you could choose? That question raised has always left me hanging without an answer.. there's too much stuff to try, create, reengineer and analyze. For once i thought i'd actually go ahead and make sense of one of those ideas and turn it into something real. So, say hello to codename 'DiscMaster'! Codename 'DiscMaster' is a website/community for those of us that enjoy discgolfing (yes, i'm one of those people that throw a disc/frisbee around on a pseudo-golfcourse and call it fun). It's built on ASP.NET MVC, LINQ (including LINQ to SQL), Dynamic Data, Entity Framework and custom providers for Repository and Membership - to name but a few. Right now registration is per invitation only on a non-disclosed url and will continue that way while in development - this means that each member that is invited and registers can invite up to three more people to join. Right now registered users can:
  • view courses
  • manage courses
  • manage course layouts
  • manage their own profile
  • manage matches
  • view personal statistics
  • view match statistics
  • view players
  • generate reports
  • and much, much more!
Below are some screenshots showing (still in a standardized mvc layout) some of the features - names and personal details are crossed-out (ok, ok, i know i missed a spot) for privacy reasons but i'm sure you'll get the general idea.
Future updates to this project include:
  • Weather service integration
  • Maps service integration
  • Interactive graphs based on Silverlight
  • OpenID integration
  • Social Networks integration
Also, on a sidetrack, there's development in progress for an iPhone app with score synchronization..
More details, screenshots and thoughts regarding this project will come in later posts..